What Our Clients Have To Say

Carmen was wonderful. The most important thing she did was pay attention and remember what was important to us when we were looking for our home – what was on our checklist. If we got a little overexcited about a house that didn’t quite fit our needs, she was the voice of reason to bring us back to reality. We wound up with the perfect house for US because of this. I purposely waited to write this till we could fully appreciate her and the process. We’ve been in our house for a year, and in that time we’ve said countless times, “I’m glad we didn’t end up buying X house,” and “could you imagine if we ended up at Y and didn’t have this back yard,” and “thank GOODNESS Carmen convinced us to walk away from Z.” Thank you, Carmen!

Carmen was incredible! She was always available at a moments notice, super knowledgeable about all areas, and took care of our every needs as first time homeowners. We had the most particular of tastes, and the most peculiar or questions/requests – Carmen never batted an eye, and committed everything towards finding us our dream home. There is no way to describe her team and service other than “Grade A”!

The time, care, responsiveness, diligence, knowledge, timely communication, expertise, grace, and even the sense of humor demonstrated by Carmen and her team was outstanding. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else if we entered the Real Estate market again.

Carmen was so helpful in helping us buy our home! We were in a real rush to get in a house before the start of the school year and she was an integral part in making it happen. She was so helpful in negotiating with the Seller’s agent who was not so nice. I absolutely would recommend her to anyone!

We had a wonderful experience with Carmen and Green Grass Real Estate. She helped us narrow our search within Westchester and ultimately helped us find our dream home. She was patient with us, responsive, and extremely accommodating.

Carmen was awesome to work with. She is very knowledgeable, and we always felt like her communications with us were honest and clear. Throughout the process, Carmen was super responsive and organized, which helped us stay on top of listings. After we had an accepted offer, she helped make sure everything moved along. Even after our purchase, Carmen continued to stay in touch with us to make sure everything was going smoothly with our move. 

I really can’t say enough good things about working with Carmen, and I’ll definitely recommend her to any friends looking to move in the area.

Carmen is excellent. We are making the move from the city to the ‘burbs, which everyone knows is difficult, but she truly made it seamless. We knew nothing about any of the cities outside of Manhattan, so she took the time to carefully show us each one so we could get a feel for what was the best fit. She showed us a variety of homes, condos and apartments so we could see what felt right. She was extremely responsive, day or night, and readjusted her schedule so we could look at a bunch of properties quickly on the weekend. We found a place we love and are so happy we found Carmen! She is kind, knowledgeable and a no-pressure kind of broker. Truly a dream.

Carmen is fantastic. We’re so grateful she was there to help us throughout the entire home buying process. She was wonderful in helping us determine the right neighborhood as well as the right house. We were first-time homebuyers so while it could have been a daunting and scary experience (ok, well some of it was), she made us feel totally comfortable reaching out any time about questions, concerns, or middle of the night freak-outs. I highly recommend Carmen to anyone looking to buy a home in Westchester.

Working with Carmen was great!! Having worked with a number of agents over the years, I knew off the bat Carmen was on top of her game. She was responsive, thorough, and has well rounded knowledge about the industry from legal, financial, and real estate standpoints. On a personal level Carmen is a pleasure to work with; she is down to earth, open, and patient- helping me search high and low for the perfect home. She was great about following up on my detailed questions, making appointments, suggesting fitting homes, and acted as an unbiased aid during my search. I would recommend Carmen to my friends and family without hesitation.

We are delighted to provide this reference for Alexandra Cohen. We were looking for a rental in lower Westchester and we weren’t having luck with the brokers we were using. Alex started working with us late in the game, and she brought us to more rentals that fit our requirements than anyone else. The differentiating factor that Alex brings to the table is that she listens, and she didn’t waste our time with properties that didn’t work or try to talk us into properties that we didn’t like. I truly felt that her goal was to find a property that made us happy, and she put in the time up-front to ensure that the properties she was bringing us to were appropriate. The greatest endorsement that we can give Alex is saying, without qualification or hesitation, that we would use her again. She is smart, ethical, and supportive and truly wants what’s best for her clients. She is also a pleasure to deal with!


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